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Why it’s important to get your children vaccinated
As part of World Infant Immunization Week, Intermountain Health doctors have highlighted the importance of getting your children under two vaccinated. Dr. Neal Davis, a pediatrician and medical director for Pediatric Community Care at Intermountain Health said getting your young children vaccinated is crucial. “That’s one of the main things we do to protect children is vaccines,” Davis said. “They need it for themselves to help be protected by these things and also collectively we need them as society so daycares and schools can be safe for all children,” Dr. Davis said.
Apr 27, 2023 1
American Samoa declares health emergency over measles outbreak
American Samoa has issued a public health emergency after an outbreak of measles has spread across the U.S. territory. One dose of the measles vaccine is 93% effective at preventing infection if exposed to the virus. Children are recommended to receive their first dose between 12 and 15 months old and their second dose between ages 4 and 6. The American Samoa Department of Health says 89% of the students in daycares, elementary schools and high schools have received both doses of the MMR vaccines as of April 22.
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Apr 25, 2023 31
Effect of remdesivir post-exposure prophylaxis and treatment on pathogenesis of measles in rhesus macaques
PEP with remdesivir initially decreased levels of viral RNA in PBMCs compared to untreated controls in all animals and two macaques, 79F and 41F, had no detectable MeV RNA 7 days after infection. Macaques in the LT study group who received treatment beginning on DPI 11, when immune-mediated virus clearance is being initiated, had significantly lower levels of viral RNA as compared to untreated controls on DPI 21, but at other time points and after treatment ended, levels were similar.
SourcePharmacogenomics Journal
Apr 20, 2023 1
Too many Philly kids are missing routine vaccines, putting us all at risk. Here’s how to keep our city safe.
Philadelphia has a problem with routine childhood vaccines: Nearly one in five public school students is not fully vaccinated, with immunization rates falling for two straight years. When Philadelphia kindergarteners are unable to obtain all their required vaccinations before the school year starts, they are given a ”provisional” enrollment status. Last year, more than a dozen Philadelphia public schools lacked a full-time nurse.
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Apr 14, 2023 2
Risk factors for post-COVID-19 condition (Long Covid) in children: a prospective cohort study
Most children recovered over time, but one-in-twenty of those with PCC at three months reported persistent symptoms 18 months post-Sars-CoV-2 infection. In this prospective follow-up study, we aimed to investigate the long-term duration of persisting symptoms and risk factors for developing of PCC in a large cohort of children using in-clinic assessments. This is the first study to explore the impact of SARS-CoV-2 variants and vaccination on the risk of developing PCC in children.
Apr 14, 2023 1
Local pediatrician encourages vaccines for kids
Dr. Leverton said without vaccinations, we could see resurgences in diseases that have become rare as a result of most people being immunized. “I like to tell families that what we know the vaccines are safe 100%,” he said. I’ve had some people go, ‘Well, is this vaccination, going to get this going to give the kid this disease?’ No, it prevents them from the disease. “But I do think parents should be informed and know all this stuff because some of the things that people worry about with their vaccines aren’t realistic fears at all.”
Apr 14, 2023 1
Predicting mRNA degradation to improve vaccine stability
Dr. Qing Sun, a professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University, and a team of graduate students have created an effective and interpretable model architecture using deep-learning techniques that can predict RNA degradation more accurately than previous best methods, such as Degscore models, RNA folding algorithms and other machine-learning models. "For this reason, our research seeks to understand and predict mRNA degradations." + 3 others
Apr 08, 2023 4
As fentanyl overdoses surge, education on how to reduce their impacts remains insufficient
Jennifer Sexton, a substance abuse counselor with Arlington Public Schools, said she worries that middle school students may not be responsible enough to carry Narcan and may spray it while joking around. There are 41 public schools in Arlington with nearly 27,000 students. Wakefield, the high school with the recent overdose fatality, has over 2,500 students but shares its only substance abuse counselor with other schools.
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Mar 28, 2023 1
Disabled workforce expands thanks to the job boom — and long Covid
Mar 10, 2023 1
What is measles?Our medical analyst explains
“If I participate Asbury College Gathering If not vaccinated against measles on February 17 or 18, or if not fully vaccinated against measles, isolate for 21 days after last exposure and monitor for measles symptoms Measles should not be spread to others. What are the consequences of measles infection? Also, one to three of her 1,000 children infected with measles die. Wen: Measles is one of the most contagious diseases in the world. up to 90% A proportion of unvaccinated people who come in contact with an infected person also become infected.
Mar 08, 2023 1