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Clinical Pharmacology at CROI 2023
At two hospitals in Paris, concentrations of CAB and RPV were monitored 58 persons with HIV-RNA <50 cpm switching from oral therapy to LA-CAB/RPV. Related, a higher rate of CVF was seen in the 152-week results from ATLAS of Q2M vs QM LA-CAB/RPV. For PWH who want or need something other than daily oral therapy, LA-CAB/RPV is a good option to have available but given the higher rate of CVF with Q2M dosing, I'd pick monthly LA-CAP/RPV.
SourceNational AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project
Mar 31, 2023 1
HIV: bestowing CD8+ T cells with properties observed in natural controllers
HIV controllers are rare individuals able to control infection naturally without treatment. Scientists at the Institut Pasteur are examining key characteristics of these controllers’ CD8+ T cells, with a view to replicating them in other individuals who are incapable of controlling the virus without treatment. They have successfully reprogrammed CD8+ T cells from non-controllers and bestowed them with properties of controllers’ cells.
SourceInnovations Report
May 06, 2022 1