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Lockdown and psychological stress in Wuhan, China.
Wuhan was the epicenter of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), outbreak in China. We aimed at surveying the general public in China to better understand their levels of psychological state and its influencing factors after the Wuhan shutdown on January 23.

The cross-sectional survey was conducted online and 4,701 respondents participated in this survey. Of them, 3,803 respondents were considered for final analysis. Data on subjective indicators of daily life changes were collected, and individual scores on changes in anxiety, depression, and stress were tested by 8-item, 11-item, and 6-item questionnaires, respectively.

Multivariable regression analyses showed that living in the rural areas, living in the other regions except Hubei, and higher education were independent correlates of less negative emotions. Besides, the level of attention, self-assessed infection risk, impact on the daily life and mental health help-seeking tended to be positively associated with the scores of anxiety, depression, and stress.

City of residence, education, marital status, monthly income, level of attention, self-assessed infection risk, impact on daily life and mental health help-seeking were important correlates of anxiety, depression, and stress scores.
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