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Therapeutic Strategies and Challenges in the Management of Craniospinal Tumors in Pregnancy: A Ten-Year Retrospective Tertiary-Center Study, Systematic Review, and Proposal of Treatment Algorithms.
This study aims to review therapeutic strategies in the management of craniospinal tumors in pregnant patients and the factors that may influence the management along with their influence on maternal and fetal outcomes.

A retrospective single-center cohort study was performed at a tertiary neurosurgical referral center. Pregnant patients referred to the neuro-oncology multidisciplinary meeting (MDM) with craniospinal tumor were included. Ten-year patient data were collected from hospital records and neuro-oncology MDM outcomes. A systematic review was performed of the available literature as per PRISMA guidelines.

Twenty-five patients were identified, with a mean age of 31 years. Of these patients, 88% (n = 22) had cranial lesions and 12% (n = 3) had spinal lesions. Most of the patients had World Health Organization grade I/II tumors. Of the patients, 44% underwent surgery when pregnant, whereas in 40%, this was deferred until after the due date. Of patients, 16% did not require surgical intervention and were followed up with serial imaging in the MDM. The left lateral/park bench position was the preferred position for the spinal and posterior fossa lesions. Systematic review and retrospective data led to proposal of treatment algorithms addressing the therapeutic strategy for management of craniospinal tumors during pregnancy. Factors that may influence maternal and fetal outcomes during management of these tumors were identified, including aggressiveness of the tumor and stage of pregnancy.

Craniospinal tumors presenting in pregnancy are challenging. The surgical management needs to be tailored individually and as part of a multidisciplinary team approach. Factors influencing maternal and fetal outcomes are to be considered during management and patient counseling.
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