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DBP diastolic blood pressure
We examined the feasibility of an 8-wk combined aerobic and resistance exercise training program to improve systolic (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP), serum endothelin-1 (ET-1), resilience, hope agency, and hope pathways in young women with ACEs.
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EMM Every Mind Matters
BACKGROUND Every Mind Matters (EMM) is a publicly funded health campaign, launched in England in 2019, to equip adults to look after their mental health, and that of others, by offering online information about common problems: anxiety, low mood, sleep, and stress.
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SMA supplementary motor area
Regional cortical thinning in the right anterior cingulate/paracingulate gyri and the left middle frontal gyrus, as well as GMV reductions in the left supplementary motor area (SMA) was also identified.
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LGC latent growth curve
Using data from a three-wave prospective longitudinal design across 3 years, we employed latent growth curve (LGC) modeling to assess depression trajectories among 217 Latino immigrant families in the emerging context of western Oregon.
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CTE childhood traumatic events
In this study, we examined associations of maternal exposure to childhood traumatic events (CTE) and pregnancy stressful life events (PSLE) with child mental health problems in a large, sociodemographically diverse sample.
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LOC Locus of Control
We examined the possible role of the personality characteristic, Locus of Control (LOC), in moderating pandemic-induced stress.
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NHATS National Health and Aging Trends Study
Path analysis was conducted using data from the COVID-19 supplement (2020) and the 2019 wave of the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS).
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SMR standardized mortality ratios
Comparing mortality to the whole population of Finland using standardized mortality ratios (SMR) both the non-melancholic [1.11 (95% CI: 0.85-1.44)] and melancholic depressive [1.26 (95% CI: 0.87-1.81)] groups had higher mortality than the non-depressive group [0.82 (95% CI: 0.73-0.93)].
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CSDS chronic social defeat stress
We also observed, under an increased stress load following exposure to chronic social defeat stress (CSDS) paradigm, there was a unified resilience phenotype in lynx2KO mice, as opposed to the wild-type cohort which was split between resilience and susceptible phenotypes.
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DM-TRD Dutch Measure for Treatment Resistance in Depression
TRD can be quantified with the Dutch Measure for Treatment Resistance in Depression (DM-TRD).
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