Title Date Topic Engagement News
Application and evaluation of transitory protective stoma in ovarian cancer surgery.

Jiaqi He et al in Frontiers in oncology (6.244)

Apr 10, 2023 Surgical & Surgery 0 0
Impact of diabetes stigma in diabetes distress and diabetes self-care: The moderating role of diabetes social support and general self-esteem in Arabic-speaking adults with type 2 diabetes.

Hamzah Alzubaidi et al in Diabetic medicine : a journal of the British Diabetic Association

Apr 10, 2023 Obesity & Type Diabetes 0 0
The Queensland Twin Adolescent Brain Project, a longitudinal study of adolescent brain development.

Lachlan T Strike et al in Scientific data (6.444)

Apr 08, 2023 Brain Neurons & Connectivity 0 0
Lockdown and psychological stress in Wuhan, China.

Mengying Li et al in PloS one (3.24)

Apr 07, 2023 COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccination 0 0
Progressive muscle relaxation exercises in patients with COVID-19: Systematic review and meta-analysis.

Abubeker Alebachew Seid et al in Medicine (1.889)

Apr 07, 2023 COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccination 0 0
Mental Health Considerations in Chronic Disease: What Is the Best Approach for Supporting a Scleroderma Patient?

Nancy Lazar et al in Rheumatic diseases clinics of North America

Apr 07, 2023 Mental Health & Social 0 0
Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Trajectories in Family Caregivers of Patients With Acute Cardiorespiratory Failure.

Blair Wendlandt et al in JAMA network open (8.483)

Apr 07, 2023 Sleep & Symptoms 0 0
TIPE3 represses head and neck squamous cell carcinoma progression via triggering PGAM5 mediated mitochondria dysfunction.

Wei Chen et al in Cell death & disease (8.469)

Apr 06, 2023 HCC & Gastric Cancer 0 0
The impact of treatment resistance on outcome and course of electroconvulsive therapy in major depressive disorder.

J J E Rovers et al in Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica (6.392)

Apr 06, 2023 Other 0 0
An approach to the effects of longevity, sexual maturity, and reproduction on telomere length and oxidative stress in different Psittacidae species.

Angélica Domínguez-de-Barros et al in Frontiers in genetics (4.599)

Apr 06, 2023 Mitochondrial & Oxidative Stress 0 0