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Using AHA's Essential 8, New Study Details Need for Optimized Cardiovascular Health in US
A revamped version of Life’s Simple 7 with a new section dedicated to sleep’s role in cardiovascular health, Life’s Essential 8 also includes an updated scoring system that allows for grading of individual aspects as well as the creation of a composite score for overall cardiovascular health. The overall mean cardiovascular health score among the analytic cohort was 64.7 among adults using all 8 metrics and 65.5 for the 3 metrics, diet, physical activity, and BMI, available among children and adolescents aged 2-19 years of age.
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Jun 30, 2022 1
The Role of Genetically Modified Rice in Combating Food Shortages
Climate change is causing sea levels to rise. However, research from the University of Sheffield’s Institute for Sustainable Food has shown that modifying rice genetically to have fewer stomata—tiny openings used for water loss—makes it more resistant to salt. Scientists from Sheffield discovered many years ago that rice plants could use up to 60% less water by having fewer and smaller stomata, which is extremely advantageous in drought-prone areas.
Jan 16, 2023 1
Social media has no significant impact on teenagers' mental health, study suggests
Most studies measure mental health and social media use just once and at the same time, finding that people with greater mental health issues tend to use social media more and concluding that social media use contributes to those issues. By measuring social media use and mental health two years apart, this study is able to get a much better sense of whether high social media use causes mental illness or is a symptom, Dr Winstone said.
Apr 06, 2023 1
Over 70% of American Children Have Poor Heart Health
Under 30% of American children had high cardiovascular health scores. According to the first research to use the American Heart Association’s new “Life’s Essential 8” metrics and scoring methodology for assessing cardiovascular health levels in adults and children, most children and adolescents in the United States have poor scores for cardiovascular health. Only three CVH metrics were available in NHANES for all children aged 2 to 19 years.
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Aug 07, 2022 2
Only 1 in 5 Americans have ideal heart health
Scores below 50 indicate poor heart health, while scores between 50 and 79 mean a person is considered in moderate cardiovascular health. Close to 20 percent of U.S. adults had high cardiovascular health; 62.5 percent were classified as moderate; and 17.9 percent were in the low category. Adults scored lowest in the areas of diet, physical activity and BMI, and overall scores were lower as people aged, the study found.
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Jun 29, 2022 3
Only 1 in 5 Adults Have Optimal Heart Health
Four of the original indicators have been redefined for consistency with new clinical guidelines or compatibility with new measurement tools, and the scoring system is now applicable to anyone over the age of two. rice field. This is a snapshot of Life’s Essential 8 metrics, including updates. Sleep time is associated with CV health. The results of the first study using Life’s Essential 8 show that the overall CV health of the U.S. population is “well below ideal,” with 80% of adults scoring at low or moderate levels.
Jul 01, 2022 1
Niagara Falls City School District superintendent joins nationwide initiative to champion health equity in schools
The council complements the work of other American Heart Association youth initiatives such as the in-school programs, Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge, and the American Heart Association Leaders for a Resilient Generation National Council. “The American Heart Association continues to bring great support and value added to education and student programming for the children of Niagara Falls,” Laurrie said.
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Nov 12, 2022 3
New AHA checklist: Only one in five adults have optimal heart health
About 80% of American adults have low to moderate cardiovascular health based on the American Heart Association checklist for optimal heart health, which now includes healthy sleep as an essential component for heart health. “The new metric of sleep duration reflects the latest research findings: Sleep impacts overall health, and people who have healthier sleep patterns manage health factors such as weight, blood pressure, or risk for type 2 diabetes more effectively,” AHA President Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD, said in a news release.
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Jul 06, 2022 4
New AHA Checklist: Only 1 in 5 Adults Have Optimal Heart Health
The AHA first defined the seven metrics for optimal CV health in 2010. The average CV health score based on Life's Essential 8 was 64.7 for adults and 65.5 for children — in the moderate range on the 0 to 100 scale. Adult sociodemographic groups varied notably in CV health scores for diet, nicotine exposure, blood glucose, and blood pressure.
Jul 01, 2022 1
Most Americans, especially men, have suboptimal heart health
The findings, published in full in Circulation, are based on data from more than 23,000 U.S. adults and children who were free of cardiovascular disease at the time of the study. Overall, the mean score among adults was 64.7. Among adults, 19.6% of participants had high cardiovascular health, 62.5% had moderate cardiovascular health and 17.9% had low cardiovascular health. Among children, 2.2% of participants had scores of 100 and 29.1% had high cardiovascular health.
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Jun 29, 2022 1