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Circular economy of medical waste: novel intelligent medical waste management framework based on extension linear Diophantine fuzzy FDOSM and neural network approach.

XinYing Chew et al in Environmental science and pollution research international

Apr 10, 2023 COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccination 0 0
Electrospun Fe doped TiO2 fiber photocatalyst for efficient wastewater treatment.

Manjiri A Mahadadalkar et al in Chemosphere (7.086)

Apr 08, 2023 Water & Adsorption 0 0
In situ treatment of real textile effluent in constructed furrows using consortium of Canna indica and Saccharomyces cerevisiae and subsequent biochemical and toxicity evaluation.

Rahul R Jadhav et al in Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)

Apr 07, 2023 Water & Adsorption 0 0
Atomically Precise Detection and Manipulation of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds.

Bethany M Hudak et al in ACS nano (15.881)

Apr 07, 2023 Properties & Reaction 0 0
Ecological footprint in Bangladesh: Identifying the intensity of economic complexity and natural resources.

Md Golam Kibria in Heliyon

Apr 07, 2023 Carbon Emissions & Temperature 0 0
Patient Experience of Systemic Sclerosis-Related Calcinosis: An International Study Informing Clinical Trials, Practice, and the Development of the Mawdsley Calcinosis Questionnaire.

Lesley Ann Saketkoo et al in Rheumatic diseases clinics of North America

Apr 07, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
Bacteria-based multiplex system eradicates recurrent infections with drug-resistant bacteria via photothermal killing and protective immunity elicitation.

Youcui Xu et al in Biomaterials research

Apr 06, 2023 Resistance & Biofilm 0 0
Cellulose based polyurethane with amino acid functionality: Design, synthesis, computational study and application in wastewater purification.

Haneen Abu Rub et al in International journal of biological macromolecules (6.953)

Apr 05, 2023 Water & Adsorption 0 0
First report of Curvularia geniculata causing leave spot disease of Bletilla striata in Zhejiang of China.

Yunye Xie et al in Plant disease (4.438)

Apr 05, 2023 Et Al & China 0 0
Natural killer cytotoxicity in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS): a multi-site clinical assessment of ME/CFS (MCAM) sub-study.

Troy D Querec et al in Journal of translational medicine (5.531)

Apr 04, 2023 Other 0 0