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Cognitive dysfunction and increased phosphorylated tau are associated with reduced O-GlcNAc signaling in an aging mouse model of metabolic syndrome.

Shreya Gupta et al in Journal of neuroscience research (4.164)

Apr 09, 2023 Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia 0 0
Urinary Sucrose and Fructose From Spot Urine May Be Used as a Predictive Biomarker of Total Sugar Intake-Findings From a Controlled Feeding Study.

Natasha Tasevska et al in Journal of nutrition (4.798)

Apr 08, 2023 Other 0 0
Differences in bone accrual over one year in young girls with obesity compared to Normal weight controls.

Vibha Singhal et al in Bone (4.398)

Apr 08, 2023 Implant & Bone Regeneration 0 0
AccsHSP21.7 enhances the antioxidant capacity of Apis cerana cerana.

Yuanyuan Huang et al in Journal of the science of food and agriculture (3.638)

Apr 08, 2023 Mitochondrial & Oxidative Stress 0 0
Health profile of people living in the Gare Palma mining area of Tamnar block, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India.

Suyesh Shrivastava et al in Frontiers in public health (3.709)

Apr 07, 2023 Obesity & Type Diabetes 0 0
Autism in Turkey: demographics, behavior problems, and accompanying medical conditions in a sample of Turkish youth with autism spectrum disorder.

Ceymi Doenyas et al in International journal of developmental disabilities (0.973)

Apr 07, 2023 ASD & Children And Adolescents 0 0
Dietary bamboo leaf flavonoids improve quality and microstructure of broiler meat by changing untargeted metabolome.

Guangtian Cao et al in Journal of animal science and biotechnology (5.032)

Apr 06, 2023 Food & Diet 0 0
Association Between Social Determinants of Health and Examination-Based Vision Loss vs Self-reported Vision Measures.

Katelin M Alfaro Hudak et al in JAMA ophthalmology (7.389)

Apr 06, 2023 Obesity & Type Diabetes 0 0
Possible mechanisms associated with immune escape and apoptosis on anti-hepatocellular carcinoma effect of Mu Ji Fang granules.

Yi-Bing Zhang et al in World journal of gastrointestinal oncology (3.393)

Apr 03, 2023 HCC & Gastric Cancer 0 0
Study of Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Serum Sodium in Newly Diagnosed Hypertensive Patients.

M K Mondal et al in Mymensingh medical journal : MMJ

Apr 01, 2023 Obesity & Type Diabetes 0 0