Title Date Topic Engagement News
The influencing factors of choosing future medical specialties among students in Saudi Arabia: A nationwide multicenter survey.

Waddah M Alalmaei Asiri et al in Medicine (1.889)

Apr 07, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
Brain malformations in diprosopia observed in clinical cases, museum specimens and artistic representations.

Helga Rehder et al in Orphanet journal of rare diseases (4.123)

Mar 17, 2023 Brain Neurons & Connectivity 0 0
The effect of antioxidants supplementation on oxidative stress and proinflammatory biomarkers in patients with chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

R Supriyadi et al in European review for medical and pharmacological sciences (3.507)

Mar 06, 2023 Systematic Review And Meta & Review And Meta-analysis 0 0
Effect of Reverse Engineering Pedagogy on Primary School Students' Computational Thinking Skills in STEM Learning Activities.

Xiaohong Liu et al in Journal of Intelligence

Feb 24, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
Facilitators for developing an interprofessional learning culture in nursing homes: a scoping review.

Frank H O Verbeek et al in BMC health services research (2.655)

Feb 22, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
How does mathematical modeling competency affect the creativity of middle school students? The roles of curiosity and guided inquiry teaching.

Tian Wang et al in Frontiers in psychology (2.99)

Jan 30, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
Allegory Analysis from M. Theresa - A Case Study.

Linus Paul Frederic Guenther in Integrative psychological & behavioral science

Jan 22, 2023 Other 0 0
Biodiversity of Phototrophs and Culturable Fungi in Gobustan Caves.

Svetlana Evgenievna Mazina et al in Life (Basel, Switzerland) (3.817)

Jan 21, 2023 Soil & Dust 0 0
Using Co-Design to Explore New Trends in Future Kitchen Designs: An Exploratory Workshop Study of College Students in China.

Zhidiankui Xu et al in International journal of environmental research and public health (3.39)

Jan 21, 2023 COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccination 0 0
Fully automatic segmentation and monitoring of choriocapillaris flow voids in OCTA images.

Emilio López-Varela et al in Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society

Jan 11, 2023 Eyes & Retinal 0 0