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BP blood pressure
BACKGROUND Assessment of fluid status in neonatal dialysis has largely focused on traditional tools including clinical assessment, serial weights, and blood pressure (BP) measurements.
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QI quality improvement
METHODS The authors used a mixed methods approach consisting of a written survey and 30-to-45-minute telephone interviews with collaborative team members, coaches, and senior leaders of participating safety improvement project (SIP) organizations to identify the essential elements of an integrated approach involving implementation science/knowledge translation, quality improvement (QI), patient safety, and collaborative learning/networked approach to enhancing safety and quality and building implementation capabilities.
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OARs organs at risk
BACKGROUND The safe use of radiotherapy (RT) requires compliance with dose/volume constraints (DVCs) for organs at risk (OaRs).
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PWID people who inject drugs
BACKGROUND Direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) offer an unprecedented opportunity to eliminate hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, yet barriers among people who inject drugs (PWID) remain.
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LOA Limits of agreement
The best model gave estimated hemoglobin levels by analyzing color of blood samples with an accuracy of ±1.8 g/dl Limits of agreement (LOA) and bias 0.03 g/dl (with mean error of 0.75 g/dl).
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A&E accident and emergency
Furthermore, there are anecdotal accounts of patients presenting to accident and emergency (A&E) services with a traumatic dental injury, which could be placing avoidable strain on secondary care services.
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HH hand hygiene
BACKGROUND Institutional hand hygiene (HH) behavior is difficult to monitor and improve consistently, especially over long periods.
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ES effect size
Moreover, independent t-tests and Cohen's d effect size (ES) were used to analyze the differences between the faster and slower players in the CODD.
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PAS placenta accreta spectrum
OBJECTIVE To better understand placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) by correlating postoperative ultrasonographic findings of the explanted uteroplacental interface with intraoperative findings and gross pathology.
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DM decision making
OBJECTIVE We explore shared decision making (DM) in guardians of children with heart disease by assessing the desired weight of influence on DM and factors that may alter the relative weight of parent or medical team influence.
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