Title Date Topic Engagement News
Simultaneous Bilateral Avulsion of Tibial Anterior Tubercle in Adolescent: Two Case Reports and Narrative Review of the Literature.

Dario Giunchi et al in Case reports in orthopedics

Feb 23, 2023 Surgical & Surgery 0 0
[Multidisciplinary approach in cardio-oncology for high inferior vena cava thrombosis].

A A Chevina et al in Khirurgiia

Feb 21, 2023 HCC & Gastric Cancer 0 0
Identifying Value Factors in Institutional Leaders' Perspectives on Investing in Health Professions Educators.

Ann Poncelet et al in JAMA network open (8.483)

Feb 16, 2023 Social & Economic 0 0
The East of England dental trauma service.

Danielle Brown et al in BMJ leader

Feb 16, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
CHaMP: A Model for Building a Center to Support Health Care Worker Well-Being After Experiencing an Adverse Event.

Mark S McIntosh et al in Joint Commission journal on quality and patient safety

Feb 15, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
Promoting empowerment and self-care in older women through participatory action research: Analysis of the process of change.

Tania Ros-Sanchez et al in Journal of advanced nursing (3.187)

Feb 15, 2023 Properties & Reaction 0 0
An evaluation of the Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Oncology Research Group and Laboratory: An initiative to enable intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Danielle Petricone-Westwood et al in Canadian oncology nursing journal = Revue canadienne de nursing oncologique

Feb 15, 2023 Care & Students 0 0
Machine learning classifiers predict key genomic and evolutionary traits across the kingdoms of life.

Logan Hallee et al in Scientific reports (4.379)

Feb 07, 2023 Machine Learning & Models 0 0
Perspectives of people living with HIV age 50 and over regarding barriers and resources for care.

Amelia J Davis et al in AIDS care

Feb 03, 2023 COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccination 0 0
Steady amelioration of institutional hand hygiene behavior among health care personnel after 12-year consistent intervention.

Se Yoon Park et al in American journal of infection control (2.918)

Feb 03, 2023 Obesity & Type Diabetes 0 0